Cyber-Libertarianism: The Case for Real Internet Freedom- Adam Thierer (August 12, 2009)

Cyber- libertarianism refers to a belief that, no matter how you are accessing the web, you should have the freedom to act accordingly to your own interests and values. Libertarians believe that the government shouldn’t regulate the internet because they appreciate as little infringement on their rights as possible. While Adam Thierer believes that libertarianism is better approach to online issues, this view differs from Peng Hwa Ang (author of “Ordering Chaos”) . Peng Hwa Ang believes that while gorvernment intervention is the best way to regulate the internet medium because it provides the most solid backing, he clearly states that his opinion is to use which ever form of medium works best for that avenue of the web ( ex: email, internet crimes, spamming, online blogging and news mediums). Cyber- libertarians believe that it is never the best option to involve the government, though.

Cyber- libertarianism is closely related to “Internet Exceptionalism”, which is the idea that the internet is a special medium that should be regulated with precautions. Also, they believe that every step possible should be taken before government involvement is permitted. These two concepts share the same idea that government should not be a key role in the internet, however, exceptionalists are more likely to call in the government for serious problems.

Both of these concepts are a major contrasting view to Cyber- collectivism, which states the an elite force of State law should regulate and guide the internet according to public interest or need. This is the difference between people and businesses using only their conscience as a guide online and people having to comply with rules while accessing the internet.




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